PVC doors and windows from Poland

PVC windows and doors may be perfect solution for energy efficient (or passive) facilities being built and also within thermo modernization of existing buildings.
Thanks to application of appropriate system,...


Doors and windows made of aluminium

Aluminium constructions are prestigious, can freely shape the space, are universal and diverse solutions and described by modern technology. Our offer contains design, calculation and fabrication of windows, doors and other aluminium constructions like distribution...


Wooden windows

Wooden windows and doors mean not only a noble and ecological raw material, but also elegance and style. Wood makes buildings look uniquely, adds charm and a real home climate.


Roller shutters

External roller shutters (both top-mounted as well as standard external) are a great means of protection against sun, rain and other weather phenomena. In summertime additionally they prevent against overheat of rooms, while in wintertime they reduce the loss of heat.


Roof windows

VELUX windows and balconies provide sunlight, ventilation and easy operation.
Comfort and functionality of the attic depends on proper choice of window e.g. pivot or top hung. We offer a few models e.g. GZL, GLL,...


Winter gardens

The Winter garden is an excellent idea to enlarge the space of the house.
It can be used as a dining room, living room, office or as a place of relaxation.
Tight sealing distinguishes it from standard...


Windows accesories

We have in our offer various accessories for windows and doors, such as: ornament door panels, handles, grips, tresholds, warm frames, glazing bars, air-inlets, installation elements, overhead door-closers and many...


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