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windows and doors from polandAgat+ Sp. z o.o. is an unquestionable leader in production of windows and doors in the territory of the West-Pomeranian Voivodeship. We have been operating since 1998, developing dynamically thanks to the management’s right decisions and the team’s hard work. The turning point was the year of 2003, when some estate in Szczecin, at 75, Przestrzenna Street, was purchased.

In 2006, the company invested in modern machines for PVC joinery production, made by a Belgian manufacturer Soenen Hendrik. This investment allowed for a complete automation of production, leading to quicker delivery of our clients’ orders. Another advantage is the outstanding quality of our company’s products. These days they are produced on computer-controlled automatic CNC lines, which allow amazingly precise repeatability of production.

A group of marvellous engineers with years of experience in PVC, aluminium and steel product manufacturing has certainly contributed to the company’s success.

Agat+ Sp. z o.o. has its own means of transport and delivers its products to all European destinations.
Our goal is to deliver products that meet our clients’ demands.

Our attention is focused on all stages of production, therefore our products are made under strict quality control and comply with the strictest standards, which is confirmed with the LTB certificates. 

Investing in latest innovative technologies, company Agat+ extends its product range and implements modern designs.


Polish windows and doors are very good and nice-looking products manufactured in our factories that are equipped with 

new technological processes, allowing quick and repeatable realisation. Thanks to that Agat+ exports to markets many 

patterns and shapes of windows. Price of windows depends on material, currency exchange factors, distances that we must 

cover by delivery windows from Poland.


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