Door panels

A very interesting solution offered by our company is the system of the door ornament panels by FROHMASCO, VEYNA and ADECO. They are close to RODENBERG or OBST.

By choosing this product, you decide for the highest quality and original patterns. Our offer includes the ornament panels, that we use for production of doors with ornament or transparent glass, depending on our clients’ wishes. The technology of production of our ornament panels ensures high thermal insulation, but also prevention from losses and distortions caused by temperature changes. They are easy to maintain, do not need preservation, and are made of environmentally friendly materials.

Fillings in technology Frohmasco:
1.    Designed for outward usage, board made of synthetic with warm isolation of K=1,18 W/m2. It consists of two high quality laminates (2x2 mm) made of fiberglass (covered with polyester resin) and submerged polyurethane foam (PU) RG 60 as a board isolation core. Building materials quality –B2 according to DIN 4102.
2.    Ornament cassette made of polyester resin substance permanently bound with the main board. 
3.    Ornamental frame- decorative element- made of polyester resin substance permanently bound with the main board.
4.    Board surface layer with frames and cassettes covered with high quality acrylic paint resistant for different atmospheric conditions and ultraviolet rays.

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