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European timber windows IV78 (inward opening) is standard general European system of wood windows, used in new buildings and in renovation of  older buildings.

european wood windows iv 92Characteristics:
- construction depth 78mm
- possibility of using the glazing 36-38 mm thick in the double or tripple glass system
- various openings: opened inward,  tilt & turn (opened and tilted), tilted, fixed
- tilt & turn windows allow comfortable ventilation (tilting of a sash) and trickle-ventilation (micro-ventilation - untightening the sash by turning a handle into proper position)
- casement windows allow opening to the right or left side

european wood windows iv 78Additional partitions within windows:
- partition with fixed post or moving post
- sashes may be divided into smaller sections by proper crossbars within a sash

Standard:  handle inside
Options: handle with a lock, handle with a button,  fanlight opener,  child-safe protection
Shapes: rectangular, round, trapezium, bow, triangular

european wood windows iv 92Advantages:
- massive and solid wood construction
- availability in various opening options – depending on a user’s needs
- a window may have one or more sashes
- high thermal and acoustic efficiency
- interesting features of windows utility (e.g. ventilation)
- simple handling
- surfaces are plain, easy to care and not requiring much maintenance
- very long life-time of windows
- resistance to various weather conditions
- easy access to both sides of sashes for cleaning

- limitation in dimensions of a sash
- do not “take” room’s space

- pine panels connected by finger joint method (solid colors)
- solid pine under the glaze finish (with visible wood structure)
- Meranti (exotic wood from Indonesia) under the glaze finish