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TOP SWING – is a kind of window used in residential housing in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and England, both in new buildings as well as in modernisation of those, that already exist. 

top swingIt is a reversible window that rotates in horizontal axis by 180 degrees, opens outward and is equipped in blockades that allow staying the sash in two positions.

Characteristics :

  • depth of frame 110mm and 120mm with aluminium cladding (ALUCLADS)
  • axis of rotation in the middle of a window
  • one sash windows with two hinges  
  • glass-units apply with thickness 26 to 36mm in two or three panes of glass, with the aluminium cladding glazed in 36mm glass-units as an option
  • top swingwindows are painted in any opaque colour (the paints branded SIKKENS) according to the palette NCS or another tranluscent colour branded TECKNOS
  • species of wood: pine glue laminated
  • glazing bead made of expanded plastic in the case of the white colour NCS S 0502 Y
  • possibility to manufacture a one sash window 2190mm wide by the maximum height 1290mm

Standard equipment:

  • aluminium drip ALURON on a sash
  • opening blockade – a restrictor
  • ventilation blocked by a handle
  • handle branded IPA in the silver colour
  • hinges: SPILKA CLASSIC
  • foam sealing branded Q-LON in the frame
  • sash sealing TRELLEBORG


  • handle with a key
  • hande with a button
  • milling of a groove for furing
  • installation holes for screws
  • aluminium cladding branded ALURON
  • undercut for an external sill
  • possibility to choose glass-units with enhanced burglary resistance, ornament glass, reflection glass, safety and many more
  • internal glazing bars between-glass, sized 8-45mm
  • glued-on glazing bars sized 30 mm,
  • structural glazing bars sized 60mm wide 
  • air-inlet branded SPILVENT, width 30 and 50mm 
  • possibility of painting in double colours 
  • imitation of archs in sashes
  • anti-burglary elements

Advantages :

  • solid and durable structure of a window
  • easy to keep clean on both sides
  • more of day-light
  • especially useful construction for hard to reach spots placed on upper levels
  • unbounded space inside a room, thanks to opening outward
  • they allow air exchange, warm air exhausts through top while fresh air goes through bottom part 




Wooden scandinavian windows aluclads


Wooden scandinavian windows aluclads