Approval S8000 IQApproval 3DHygenic certificate WintechYawal PBI40, PBI50Reynaers CS59Handles FAM
Hygenic certificateHygenic certificate Salamander Yawal PI50Reynaers Cs59PaFittings MACO
Fire resistance certificateHygenic certificate BlueEvolution Yawal TM62 oknaReynaers EcoSystemFittings ROTO do PVC
 ISO 9001 Yawal TM62 drzwi Fittings ROTO do aluminium
   Yawal TM74 Forster Presto
   Yawal FA50 Glass GLASPOL



“AGAT+” ensures that all products have been manufactured pursuant to relevant reference documents and are of the highest possible quality.

1. We provide 2-years warranty for PVC profiles used to manufacture the above mentioned “AGAT+” products.

Detailed warranty conditions for PVC joinery:

  • lasting colours;
  • resistance to deformations; 
  • tightness;
  • durability of seals; 
  • internally clean panes.

2. Provided warranty is valid only if the assembly is carried out in compliance with good engineering practices and provided that temporary maintenance works will be conducted during the warranty period pursuant to the Manufacturer’s recommendations, i.e. adjustment and maintenance of fittings and seals.

(NOTICE! Fittings adjustment will be carried out by the FITTER and shall not be subject to any warranty claims whatsoever).

3. Warranty does not cover:

  • mechanical damages and resulting defects;
  • damages and defects caused due to improper operation;
  • mechanical damages of the panes;
  • optical phenomena known as “Newton’s rings” (rainbow effect), which are typical of thermoflat insulated panes,

4. Any product defects arising from the fault of the Guarantor shall be removed free-of-charge within the following time limits:

  • not later than 14 days from the complaint date, if repair works may be carried out without spare parts replacement;
  • not later than 30 days from the complaint date, if repair works require spare parts replacement, whereas the Guarantor decides whether replacement is required.

5. All complaints should be submitted in the retail store where the product was purchased.

6. Complaints will be processed provided that customer submits a valid purchase order (receipt, invoice).

7. Warranty period shall be extended by the complaint processing time, if the customer was not able to use the product subject to a complaint.

8. If the revealed defects are not subject to the free-of-charge removal within the meaning of the warranty provisions, the Guarantor commits to remove such defects for additional remuneration agreed in a separate agreement.

9. The warranty is valid only in Poland.




Frames should be cleaned with warm water combined with traditional cleaning and polishing products. It is not recommended to use scouring powders, metallic brass or any other solvent based cleaning products.

Lower horizontal elements of frames and sashes are fitted with special grooves for precipitation water drainage, which should not be covered. Foil protecting frames and sashes should be removed not later than 3-months after the assembly is completed.

Seals are made of EPDM plastics resistant to aging and unfavourable weather conditions. It is recommended to preserve seals using silicone oil (it is marketed as a preservative intended for car seals maintenance).

Window panes are made of float glass. Dirt should be removed with warm water and traditional cleaning products used for domestic purposes. Panes should be protected against mortar and corrosive substances which may cause unwanted chemical reactions in the glass surface and stain a window.

Our windows come with adjustable multi-point hardware manufactured by MACO company. This type of fittings provides stronger bond between frame and sash, improves tightness and protects against powerful winds and rainstorms.

PVC windows manufactured by AGAT+ company are very hermetic. To ensure the optimum level of air circulation, window users should intensively ventilate their rooms for brief periods of time. All tilt-and-turn windows come with a special fitting which may be set in “unsealed” position.

Fittings must be secured against mortar. To reduce any operational resistance, fittings should be subject to regular maintenance. At least once a year, all movable parts should be cleaned, to remove dust or wall fragments, and smeared with some grease (e.g. industrial-grade petroleum jelly or universal oil).




Correct windows assembly will significantly extend their life-span.

Fitters should disconnect sashes and mount the frame first to facilitate easy assembly.

Assembly clearance must be at least 10 mm per one side.

After the frame is placed on the window seal, you must level the frame in horizontal and vertical position and properly fix it using wooden wedges.

Windows should be mounted with the use of rawplugs, the so called Æ10 dowels, or mounting anchors.


Once the frame is fixed, you should mount and properly adjust the sashes.

Then, insulate the window by filling the space between the frame and a wall with polyurethane foam. It is recommended to moisten the space between the frame and the wall prior to sealing it with foam. After the foam stiffens, remove the wedges and additionally fill in empty places with the foam. Fitting foam is an insulation material only, therefore it is not allowed to use it as a single bonding material connecting the window with the wall.

Lower horizontal elements of frames and sashes are fitted with special grooves for precipitation water drainage, which should not be covered.

During the mounting process, you should remember that external and internal sill properly sealed with silicone is the final element of a new window.