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Sliding doors PSK (tilt & slide)

lift and slide doors

PSK door is used in many markets, in housing industry, outer constructions, as balcony or terrace doors.

Chcaracteristics:lift and slide doors
-    doors are made of window profiles, with possibility to tilt and slide
-    window doorstep (window frame)
-    the sash slides on the aluminium rail mounted on the front of the profile (on inside)
-    max width of a construction in one frame is 4 meters, the maximum sash dimensions is 1800mm x 2300mm by the maximum sash weight 200kg
-    requires the fixed part onto which the moving part moves (slides)

-    standard: a handle on inside, automatic hardware
-    options:  lock on a handle inside, handle inside and a barrel lock available on both sides  

-    cheaper alternative for HST lift & slide door
-    good tightness (multi-point locking fittings, closing gaskets)
-    high thermal insulation
-    big glass surfaces
-    sliding way of opening does not take the room’s space
-    easy operating (automatic hardware makes the sash go out the frame after turning the handle to “open” position)
-    opening schemes A and C

-    High threshold profile (window frame)
-    Limited dimensions and weigh

- available in most window profiles