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Standard external roller shutters

Standard roller shutters are made of a specially profiled, high-quality aluminium. They protect against harsh climate conditions as well as the interference of uninvited guests. In connection with the windows, they ensure good thermal insulation, and as a result, reduce the costs of heating. Additional advantage is acoustic protection, which raises the standard of the building.

The roller shutters' armour, as a standard, is made of 39mm thick laths, and 45mm thick as an option. Elements of roller shutters are available in a few basic colours, with the possibility of painting in any RAL colour for a special order.

Boxes of the roller shutters are available in 2 shapes: standard trapezium shape in cross-section, or optionally half round.

Standard external roller shutters  Standard external roller shutters

Possible heights of boxes are 138mm, 150mm, 165mm, 180mm and 205mm. The height of the box depends on the height of the whole roller shutter and is determined on the stage of offering.

Roller shutters are operated by a manual winder (up to 3 square meters of armour), a crank, or electric engine – operated on the wire or remotely.

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