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Windows PHZ


Low-energy windows used in passive houses approved with PHZ certificate


Rehau Geneo

Windows made of composite epoxy material RAU-FIPRO are the turning point of the window joinery. The lack of steel reinforcement makes it possible to avoid the cold bridge effects. That is why the windows with GENEO system have such great energetic effectiveness.

•    6-chamber profile
•    Profile depth 86mm
•    system with additional middle-seal
•    new shape of seals allows for less force needed for opening and closing
•    sleek appearce of the frame-sash assembly(115mm high) allows for gaining warmth and sunlight more effectively
•    excellent coefficient of warm penetration Uf up to 0,86W/m2K
•    energy saving up to 76% (when replacing wooden windows for those with GENEO profiles)
•    wide rebate depth (66mm) permits thermo insulation and coupled two pane glass unit application
•    core is made of composite epoxy material RAU-FIPRO including fiberglass, and the surface lawyer of high quality RAU-uPVC material

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