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Winter gardens

Let the sun in with an aluminium winter garden

Aluminium winter gardensAluminium winter garden will bring the light and space into Your home. Imagine the effect on a beautiful spring day! But you can enjoy the light and space in your home or a pleasant sunny room throughout the whole year, thanks to the winter garden. Aluminium gives almost unlimited possibilities, from a simpliest annex winter garden to complex structures.

Winter garden in all architectural styles

According to your plans, aluminium sections from Reynaers will help you build a winter garden of your dreams. The ‘functional’ style, for example, looks simple and elegant, while the ‘hothouse’ resembles the atmosphere of an authentic Victorian veranda.  For romantic architectural styles and renovations, we suggest the ‘Rennaisance’ series. An own aluminium winter garden for everyone.

Roofed terrace

If you do not have a place for a winter garden, but you still want to create a simmilar atmosphere, you can choose a marquee made by Reynaers. Our aluminium marquees let enough light in and their style is timeless. They also provide a perfect protection from rain and wind.

Advantages of aluminium winter gardens:

  • Variety of shapes and styles.
  • Wide range of colours.
  • Wide range of accessories: ventilation, sunblind systems, controllers.
  • High quality.